Saturday, April 21, 2012

Book Review: Crazy Dangerous

Crazy Dangerous is a great story from beginning to end. Written primarily for teenage guys, it has a little bit of everything they’re known to love: action, adventure, mystery, suspense, supernatural elements. There’s even an unattainable girl, admired from afar.

The book has some deeper, more disturbing themes, though—mental illness, high school bullying and violence, and dabbling in the occult. Author Andrew Klavan researched and presented the mental illness issue especially well.

The overall theme of the book, printed on the cover, is “Do right. Fear nothing.” This is a great message for teenage guys. Yet, in order to do right, the main character often disobeys his parents and breaks laws, the message becoming, “The end justifies the means.” But lives are at stake, time is short, and, in the cases when he does try to communicate with adults, they don’t listen to him. So it’s all kind of sticky. This concerned me at first, but a) the father often talks with the son about better ways he could have handled things and b) the discussion guide at the end of the book brings these points to readers’ attention, helping them to think them through. These would be discussions worth having with a teenage son, if both parent and son read the book and if they enjoy talking about the books they read.

Thomas Nelson Publishers sent a complimentary eCopy of this book for my honest review. I was thankful for the opportunity to read it. The story was intense!

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