Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Book Review: Covenant Child

Covenant Child is an amazing story. It’s sad—heartbreaking, actually— and full of unimaginable pain, but it points readers to the truth of God’s incredible love, mercy, patience, and grace. The story is an allegory of each person’s journey toward faith and the decision to accept or reject God’s Truth, to believe what He says or be misled by Satan’s selfish and hurtful lies.

I loved the way author Terri Blackstock told the story with twins in order to make the truth about choices more clear. When their father dies in a plane crash, three-year-old Kara and Lizzie are taken from the only home they’ve ever known, from their stepmother, Amanda, who loves them and who intended to raise them faithfully as her own. Though legal technicalities continue to keep Amanda, the stepmother, from the girls, she determines to carefully preserve their inheritance for when they come of age. But this truth is kept from Kara and Lizzie, and their heads are filled with lies. Finding their way to the life they were meant to lead is the challenge they both face.

Following the story itself is an insightful author interview and a reader’s discussion guide. Thomas Nelson Publishers sent a complimentary eCopy of this book for my honest review. I’m recommending it to everyone!

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