Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Book Review: From Blah to Awe

If you are looking for an inspirational book for a teenage girl, I recommend From Blah to Awe: Shaking Up a Boring Faith by Jenna Lucado Bishop. And, though it's written for teenagers, I have no problem recommending it for older young women, too. Bishop is a capable mentor for young women who long to grow deep faith.

In this book, Bishop answers the questions, “Why do I get bored with God?” and “Does God care if I am bored with Him?” She writes as if she is speaking directly to the reader, sharing the stories of other young women, her own experiences, and solid Bible truth. After introducing each topic, she moves into a section of the chapter called “Going Deeper.” She then sums everything up by answering the questions, “Why do we get bored with God?” (where she presents the reason from that particular chapter) and “Knowing this, how do we get unbored with God?” (where she presents the chapter specific answer). In the second part of the book, the summary questions are “Does God care if we are bored with Him?” and “Knowing this, how do we get unbored with God?” Scattered throughout the book are questions for the reader to reflect on and journal space for her answers.

I think Part 1 of the book can be summarized in a quote from Chapter 5:
“To have a zealous faith, we have to want it, choose it, and then have the discipline to maintain it.”
In a gentle, fun, and encouraging way, Bishop shows her readers how this is done. Then she moves into Part 2 where she helps readers understand that God loves them and wants an intimate relationship with them. Living a life that glorifies His name is far from boring when we know and walk with our loving Creator God.

Thank you, Thomas Nelson Publishers, for sending a complimentary eCopy of this book for my honest review.

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