Thursday, December 22, 2011

Book Review: The Accidental Bride

Denise Hunter’s sequel to A Cowboy’s Touch is brilliant! As I had hoped, hoped, hoped it would, it tells the story of Shay, single mom to Olivia. (Now I’m just watching for Dylan’s story!)

In The Accidental Bride, Shay is struggling to keep the family farm. Once left on the courthouse steps on the way to elope and later abandoned by a husband, Shay is fiercely independent and determined to keep all men out of her life. Until she accidentally marries the one who left her on the courthouse steps.

I won’t give away the comedy of errors that made this marriage possible, but Shay doesn’t find them funny at all. Travis, her new husband, however, sees his opportunity to convince her he’s changed, matured, and learned his lesson. Not marrying her was the biggest mistake of his life. Using her tenuous farm situation, complicated by an accident that leaves her unable to care for the farm alone, Travis promises to help if Shay won’t annul the marriage for at least five months.

Themes in the story include learning to please God rather than people and remembering to take life’s problems to God first, seeking His help and will in order to make things right. I loved the story and the subtle lessons it contained. I recommend this book.

Thank you, Thomas Nelson Publishers, for sending a complimentary copy for my honest review.

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