Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Book Review: Healing Is A Choice

Because I liked Stephen Arterburn’s book The Encounter so much, I decided to read Healing Is A Choice, too. It was different from The Encounter, as I knew it would be, but it’s definitely a worthwhile read. (The Encounter is fiction. Healing Is A Choice is psychological, self-help.) If you’ve been wounded, spiritually, socially, mentally, even physically, and still feel pain, this book offers sound and biblical advice to you.

I especially liked the format. Arterburn gives ten choices one must make in order for healing to occur. Following his explanation of each choice is a cultural lie that often keeps people from finding the courage to make the necessary healing choice. Arterburn clearly (and from a psychological and biblical perspective) shows why each lie is a lie. Finally, following the lie, are the corresponding workbook pages to the text. These give added clarity to Arterburn’s points and provide questions for the reader to work through, whether alone or with a small support group.

Throughout the book, Arterburn shares stories from his own life, lessons he learned while recovering from an unexpected and unwelcome divorce. He tells with great honesty of the lessons he learned about himself and changes he chose to make in order to avoid repeating mistakes in his second marriage. If he hadn’t chosen to heal and to grow and change, he might have run into the similar problems in his second marriage as he did in his first. But the book isn’t about recovering from divorce. This is the author’s personal application. The principles within the book can be applied to so many other life situations that cause pain. (Arterburn includes other people's life stories to show how this is true.)

I thank Thomas Nelson Publishers for giving me an eCopy of this book in exchange for my honest review. If you are healing or long to, or if you minister to those who need healing, I recommend this book to you.

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