Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Book Review: Stained Glass Hearts

The subtitle for Patsy Clairmont’s book Stained Glass Hearts tells what the book is about: seeing life from a broken perspective. As stained glass windows are made up of pieces of broken glass arranged to make something beautiful, broken lives reveal truths of God, perhaps otherwise not seen.

The book is a collection of Clairmont’s reflections on stories and events from her life. The theme of each chapter is not always clear; she sometimes allows her thoughts to wander where they will as she shares lessons learned through the varied experiences of her life. And this book doesn’t contain as much humor as we’re used to from Clairmont; this time she’s much more serious. But it is a thought-producing read, comforting for those who’ve experienced pain and suffering on the level that Clairmont has.

Unique to this book is The Art Gallery at the end of almost every chapter. Here Clairmont invites us to explore other works that express the thoughts she’s tried to convey through words. She invites us to explore art, music, YouTube productions, architecture, poetry, prayers, Scripture, and related books, telling us where to find them—whether to purchase, Google, or visit personally. To explore all of these would take some time, but I’m sure each holds a blessing for the determined observer.

I thank Thomas Nelson Publishers for giving me a downloadable e-version of this book for my honest review.

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