Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Book Review: Ascent from Darkness

This ain’t no bedtime story! I know. I actually read several chapters before bed last night, and then I prayed myself to sleep. I finished the book today. If you’ve put your trust in Christ, there’s nothing to fear in this book—not one thing. But it’s still one very creepy story.

And yet it somehow manages to end so happily!

This is something only God can do, and that gives all of us hope. If God can overcome Satan on this level, saving a man who dedicated his life by blood to the evil one, God can save anyone. Are you listening? Anyone! Our God is just that powerful.

As I read the story, it was eye-opening to read of Michael Leehan’s determination to attack and destroy Christians and the methods he used. He memorized Scripture, then attended services pretending to be a Christian. He used his knowledge of Scripture to twist it and confuse those who were weak in faith. And somehow he always knew whom he could prey on—and whom he had to leave alone. This definitely makes one think.

I was also impressed at the way God worked with Leehan, never allowing him to kill anyone, though he had decided to more than once, and putting strong, determined, and spiritually-sensitive Christians in his life over and over again.

Of his story, Leehan says, “'Ascent from Darkness' addresses issues pertaining to hopelessness, depression, mental illness, spiritual warfare, incarceration, addictions, and many other struggles with which you or someone else you may know may be afflicted. My intent in writing this book is to shed God’s light into these dark circumstances and to give hope to those who feel hopeless.” I believe he accomplished this mission, and I pray this book finds its way into the hands of those who will be encouraged by his words.

After telling the story, Leehan continues, “Remember, no matter how badly you think you’ve sinned or what kind of mess you may have made of your life, it probably pales in comparison to mine. Never give up, never lose hope. Jesus Christ specializes in fixing broken messes just like us.”

I’m so thankful this is true! Thomas Nelson Publishers sent a complimentary copy of this book for my honest review. I recommend it—just not before you go to sleep!


  1. I really enjoyed reading your review! Have a great day! :)

  2. I truly loved this book! One thing I'm noticing on SEVERAL reviews is the word, "eye-opener". It must be that we needed it, cuz God sent it!