Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Book Review: Indelible

Last year I reviewed Kristen Heitzmann’s book, Indivisible. Indelible is the sequel to this book—and it’s one I’m happy to recommend. Readers don’t have to read Indivisible first, but characters from that book play a prominent, supporting role in this brand new suspense mystery. Heitzmann tells new readers all they need to know, effectively reminding return readers of what’s gone on before.

Like Indivisible, Indelible is full of broken people. Natalie Reeve has an unusual glitch in her brain and is learning to see it as a gift rather than a curse. Trevor MacDaniel suffers under the regrets of his past and carries a burden for the safety of everyone who crosses his path. Fleur is a blind woman who paints what she longs to see.

When a disturbed young man takes notice of Trevor after the dramatic rescue of Natalie’s nephew, the man begins putting innocent children in danger, sending evidence Trevor’s way. Trevor and Natalie must use their gifts to solve the mystery before others are seriously hurt. The ending to this showdown was totally unexpected, but absolutely perfect! Heitzmann leaves her readers full of hope.

My thoughtful parents sent this book as a gift. I’m reviewing it because I want to—it was another amazing read. Fans of intrigue and suspense will love reading Indelible!

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