Friday, July 1, 2011

Book Review: Billy Graham in Quotes

Growing up, I always thought of Billy Graham as someone who ministered to older generations. In recent years, however, I’ve developed a great appreciation for him and for his ministry that is truly relevant to anyone who will listen. Billy Graham in Quotes helped me understand why.

In the forward to this book, Graham’s son Franklin tells how his father has always been careful to communicate to others not his own message, but God’s message for them. He teaches the Gospel as presented in God’s Word. This is what makes his preaching timeless and relevant to all.

The book is a collection of Billy Graham quotes arranged in chapters topically. Each chapter begins with a Scripture quotation. Graham's quotations on the topic follow. I enjoyed reading through the book, but readers with specific concerns can pick and choose topics of interest to benefit from Graham’s Bible-based insights. Every single quotation in the book is followed by an endnote number, so readers can turn to the back of the book to learn when the quotation was originally spoken or written. (The endnotes actually take up about a quarter of the book!)

I thank Thomas Nelson Publishers for sending a complimentary eCopy of this book to me. I’ve enjoyed reading it and am sure I will turn to it as a source of wisdom and understanding again and again. Presenting Graham’s quotes in this format was a well thought-out idea!

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