Monday, June 20, 2011

Book Review: Spring for Susannah

Running from tragedy, shy Susannah agrees to be the mail-order bride of her best friend’s brother-in-law, a civil war veteran trying to make a new start in Dakota Territory. Jesse doesn’t know what to make of a bride who can’t seem to form a complete sentence, but he meant his wedding vows, even if they were spoken by proxy. He’s determined to make this marriage work. Susannah, however, lives in fear that he’ll be too disappointed and send her back to be alone in the city.

Jesse’s character is strong. He grew up in a Christian home and stands firm in his beliefs. He dreams of doing great things for God as he settles a harsh, dry, threatening land. He wants to share that dream with Susannah, the woman he has chosen to love sight unseen—and voice unheard, though sometimes he despairs of ever getting through to her. Each chapter starts with a random italicized prayer uttered by Jesse about his marriage.

Susannah’s character is wounded. Sometimes she wonders if there even is a God or if He cares much about her. Yet the seed of her life died in the city. Through Jesse and a series of unexpected challenges, God is preparing her heart to sprout and bloom. Spring for Susannah tells how.

I loved Susannah and Jesse’s story. It reminded me a lot of Young Pioneers, but it wasn’t quite as innocent. There were times when I felt the author was giving a little too much information. But getting past that, Spring for Susannah is a very hope-filled, historical Christian fiction novel that tells of God’s patient, loving work in people’s lives. I thank the LitFuse Publicity Group for sending a complimentary copy for my honest review.

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  1. Janet, Thank you for your honest review of Spring for Susannah! Yes, I hope it will point readers to God's love for their lives. Blessings!