Friday, May 6, 2011

Book Review: My Foolish Heart

In My Foolish Heart, author Susan May Warren gives her readers a compelling story full of subtle, but deep truths about following Christ. (If I read it again, I’ll have my highlighter out. Several lines are quotable!) I loved the book, a gift from Tyndale House publishers for this review, and will be watching for the three others in the series (already in print) set in Deep Haven, Minnesota.

In this book, we meet Issy, a woman whose mother died in her arms following a tragic accident. Afraid to leave her house as a result, Issy hosts a national radio show from her home studio. We also meet Caleb, the new boy next door. Just home from Iraq and recovering from wounds, Caleb hopes to build a new life in New Haven. Seb has just moved back to town. He’s the town football hero who hasn’t been such a hero since high school days who hopes to reclaim some of the glory of his past. And Lucy is the sweet donut girl whose secret may destroy her dreams.

At the end of the book, Warren includes a note telling what inspired the story and what she learned from writing it. I appreciated her thoughts. The book closes with discussion questions for reading groups. I recommend the book, My Foolish Heart!

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