Saturday, April 2, 2011

Book Review: Unsinkable

I’m so thankful Abby Sunderland decided to share her amazing story through a book. I’d heard bits and pieces on the news, but I thoroughly appreciated her telling of her “courageous battle on the high seas.”

Though only sixteen at the time, Abby had grown up in a family of sailors and had dreamed from age thirteen of sailing around the world. Her brother accomplished the feat the year before she made her attempt. Abby had the training, the experience, the equipment, and the team she needed. She also had a loving family who recognized her determination and believed in her abilities, who were willing to help her make her dream come true (though that must have been very hard for them to do).

Abby’s accomplishments during her journey were impressive and her story is fascinating. She may not have made it all the way around the world, but she gained much through her journey anyway. I love her message that teens can do a lot more than our society tends to allow or give them credit for. This is absolutely true.

When I chose this book from Thomas Nelson Publishers for review, I was cautioned that it didn’t contain the spiritual content I might expect from their books. That statement is true of the book I’ll be reviewing on Monday, but I don’t know why they said this about Unsinkable. Both Abby and her family profess their faith throughout the book, praising God for provision, wisdom, and miracles. As Abby shares her adventure, God is clearly a part of it.

If you enjoy true life adventure stories, I recommend this book! Thank you, Thomas Nelson Publishers, for sending a copy to me.

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