Monday, April 11, 2011

Book Review: Jolt!

This book was outstanding—very practical, full of common sense wisdom—the kind we know deep down inside, but sometimes need to read or hear. I chose this book because it was written to help people not only deal with change, but also use it to bring about good things. As an Army wife, my life is full of change! Yet, Phil Cooke writes about other kinds of change. Even people whom others would consider stable and changeless are experiencing tons of change. In the past fifty years, society and technology and all sorts of others aspects of our world have dramatically changed and continue to do so. People can try to ignore this or choose to adapt in positive ways. Cooke tells his readers how to do the latter well.

The book is divided into five sections of five chapters each. Each section has an introduction and a review which includes a synopsis of what Cooke is encouraging the reader to do. Liberally sprinkled throughout each chapter are quotes by historical figures, celebrities, and other writers relevant to the topic Cooke is presenting. And, just for fun, the first page of each chapter is crooked—I guess to appear that it has experienced a jolt. I thought that was kind of cute.

The longest chapter is five or six pages at the most, so this book is a quick and easy read. Cooke talks about dealing with change, choices we make, how other people influence us, the importance of faith, eliminating distractions, discovering your priorities, setting realistic goals, and deciding to act. If you have a dream or goal that you’d like to meet, but don’t know how to proceed, this book will give you the pep talk you need. If your life has dramatically changed—if you’ve been kicked out of Normal Land—and don’t know how to function in your new world, this book can help in that area, too. It was a worthwhile read for me. Thank you, Thomas Nelson Publishers, for sending it for my review!

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