Monday, April 25, 2011

Book Review: The Girl in the Gatehouse

I have another amazing book to recommend to you today! The Girl in the Gatehouse was Jane Austin at her finest—except that it was written by Julie Klassen. But you’d never know that if someone didn’t tell you. The main character is even an authoress—and a fictional friend of a friend of Jane Austin herself.

Banished from her family home, Mariah Aubrey takes refuge with her companion, Miss Dixon, in an abandoned gatehouse on her aunt’s property. When Mariah’s aunt passes away and the aunt’s unsympathetic stepson leases the property to Captain Matthew Bryant, Mariah suddenly finds her secrets much harder to keep. To complicate matters, she inherits her aunt’s assistant, Martin, who also needs refuge of a sort.

Also adding interest and intrigue are the people from the poorhouse just across the street. Each character in this story is fun to meet and has a story to add to the mix of Mariah’s quiet, but increasingly complicated life. (My favorite was Amy; she truly understood the spirit of Wildflower Thinking.) I loved reading this book and seeing how every little detail worked together perfectly in the end. Thank you, Bethany House Publishers, for sending a complimentary copy to me!

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  1. The books sounds wonderful. You are so blessed to get a complimentary copy. How fun! Enjoy your week! Anne