Friday, April 15, 2011

Book Review: Another Dawn

Single-mom Grace Graham’s world is changing. She and her fiancé have broken up, and troubles have come up at work that will devastate her best friend/boss. Grace holds herself responsible for the situation and wonders what to do. When her sister calls from Tennessee and demands that Grace return to help as their father is facing surgery, Grace sees a justifiable excuse to run, hoping things will sort themselves out while she’s gone.

But she’s running to the family she’s shunned. Though hopeful of mending some fences, Grace finds herself in a situation she never anticipated and facing challenges she can’t handle alone. Another Dawn is the beautiful story of how Grace learns to march uphill, counting on God for needed help as she chooses to do right things.

I usually read several books at a time, rotating from one to the other to another. But this story captured me. Kathryn Cushman explores themes of forgiveness, trust, cherishing relationships, seeking God’s wisdom, and taking responsibility for the consequences of one’s actions—even if those consequences may have been unintentional or unavoidable—even if they resulted from doing what seemed to be the right thing.

I loved the way supporting characters gently helped Grace through her struggle by offering insights (the next door neighbor), sharing their own experiences (the newspaper editor and pharmacist), and just modeling how to do what’s right (Grace’s son). Another Dawn is well-done Christian fiction, a beautiful and thought-provoking story with biblical wisdom woven in.

I thank Bethany House Publishers for sending this book for my review. I’ll be eagerly watching for more by Kathryn Cushman.

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