Thursday, March 24, 2011

Book Review: We Be Big

Oh, Rick & Bubba. I first heard of these two when Thomas Nelson Publishers sent me their Guide to the Almost Nearly Perfect Marriage to review about a year and a half ago. I’ve never heard their radio program, except for exerpts included on the CD that came with that book. But, because I did enjoy the book, I chose We Be Big, again courtesy of Thomas Nelson Publishers, to review as well.

Though it wasn’t exactly what I expected—there was less humor and more story—it was a quick and inspiring read. This book is their autobiography. (Their autobiographies?) The two radio personalities alternate chapters, starting with stories of their boyhoods that led them from sports into radio with an eventful bout of Spanish in-between. As their career developed, their spiritual lives grew. Both men clearly show God’s hand on their lives and career until the book becomes not just two autobiographies, but a testimony to God’s faithful work.

On p. 51, Rick writes, “God has a plan. Sometimes I wish He would take a minute to explain it to us and not make us rely totally on faith. Nevertheless, I figure that, too is simply part of the plan. We just have to have patience and then, when we look back, we see things happened for a grander purpose.” We Be Big reveals that purpose now that Rick and Bubba can look back and see how God’s plan played out for them.

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