Saturday, March 12, 2011

Book Review: A Cowboy's Touch

I've read several books by Denise Hunter over the past few years, but A Cowboy's Touch is her best yet! I love a sweet story with a positive message, characters to care about, and settings I'm curious about. (I've always wanted to visit Montana!) That's what this book is. Abigail Jones is an investigative reporter from Chicago suffering from hypertension. Her concerned family sends her to visit an aunt in Moose Creek, Montana, so she can get some rest. But she soon meets a little girl whose bicycle has been stolen and finds herself working for a cowboy with a mysterious past.

This sounds like the recipe for a perfect romance, but Abigail and Wade are fallible humans who carry hurts from their pasts. As I read, I often found myself thinking, "No! No! No! Don't do that! You'll regret it; don't you see?" They didn't. So I kept reading, wondering how it could possibly ever turn out well. (Talk about hypertension!)

Doesn't that make for the best of stories? I'm happy to recommend this one and thank Thomas Nelson Publishers for sending it to me. And I'm hoping there's a sequel or two--for Dylan and/or Shay's and maybe even Marla's sake!

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  1. Thanks, Janet for the lovely review! And yes, there will be happily ever afters for Shay and Dylan . . .