Monday, February 7, 2011

Book Review: The Rhythm of Secrets

The Rhythm of Secrets was a challenging book for me. I can’t say that I enjoyed the experience, yet I did admire the writer’s skill and found the overall story interesting. The novel covers two time periods—the end of World War II and the midst of Vietnam—and moves through four locations: New Orleans, Chicago, Hawaii, and Thailand. Patti Lacy has done an astounding amount of research to bring this based-on-a-true story to life as an historical novel.

The 1940’s part of the story is told through flashbacks as a mother introduces herself to the son she gave up for adoption at that time. This part of the story takes about two-thirds of the book, then Sheila, once known as Sheba and then Sylvia, must decide whether to help her new-found son rescue his fiancé or leave him alone to preserve her marriage, lifestyle, and happily-ever-after façade.

The theme of the book is grace and the ending is perfect, though difficult to get to. The “music literature” theme woven throughout the book adds interest, and Lacy directs readers to enjoy listening to some of the music themselves at her website. The book ends with two pages of discussion questions for reading groups.

Thank you LitFuse Publicity Group for sending this book for my review.

By the way, Patti Lacy is having a book club party to celebrate this book's release. Click here to learn more about all the things she's giving away!

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