Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Book Review: The Search

Suzanne Woods Fisher has a gift for creating characters. The Search is the second of her books I’ve read, the third in the Lancaster County Secrets series. As I read Fisher’s stories, I just fall in love with the characters, both main and incidental. I appreciated that she even gave me a glimpse into what became of Jorie, the main character from her last book, in this one. It’s always nice to know how things turn out after the book covers close.

In The Search, for mysterious reasons, Mammi decides she wants to spend some time with her granddaughter, Bess, whose father, Mammi’s son, moved to another community after his wife’s tragic death. With a little white lie, Mammi manipulates things in order to get her way and Bess comes for a summer visit.

At the same time, Lainey O’Toole, on her way to the cooking school she’s been carefully saving her money to attend, suffers a car break-down in the town she grew up in. She marvels at God’s way of answering prayer. She had hoped to spend some time in that town in order to set some things straight from her past—things that involve Mammi and Bess. Rather than use her school tuition to fix the car, Lainey takes a job in a bakery, determining to make the best of the situation and to spend one more summer in her home town.

From there, the book is full of surprises as these sweet, spunky, and somewhat crusty characters get to know one another, revealing each other’s secrets and moving into an unexpected future covered with God’s provision and grace.

I recommend this book—and hope Fisher plans to write more in this fun series! Thank you to the Litfuse Group for sending a complimentary copy of The Search for my review.

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  1. Hi Janet! You are the ONLY person who picked up that little detail about Jorie! Yea! Thank you for reading with such detail! Loved your review of "The Search," Janet. In fact, I would be honored to have your review up on Amazon/CBD, if you have a minute. Thanks for spending time writing such a thoughtful review. Warmly, Suzanne