Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Book Review: A Time to Dance

I’d never read a Karen Kingsbury novel before, so I was thankful when Thomas Nelson Publishers sent A Time to Dance for my review.

In this book, Kingsbury makes her case for couples to fight to save and strengthen their marriages. It’s a fictional story, of course, yet it serves as a parable. First, through a series of flashbacks, Kingsbury shows how a series of minor and seemingly innocent choices can slowly, but firmly drive a couple apart. Then she shows how God can act in so many ways to pull them together again. His Spirit spoke God’s Word into their minds. He used people in their lives to gently confront, encourage, pray, and even speak of regrets, making characters think. He caused them to remember happier times and even intervened miraculously. Again, it is a fictional story, yet our God truly does work in all these ways. Our marriages matter to Him.

Kingsbury closes the book with a heartfelt and non-judgmental letter to readers, emphasizing God’s view of marriage, its value, and the need for couples to protect and cherish theirs. The book is a ministry. I’ll look forward to reading its sequel someday. (This story is self-contained; the sequel must tell what happens next in this couple’s life journey.)

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