Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Book Review: The Lucado Life Lessons Study Bible

If you’re looking for a new Bible and/or Bible study resource for the new year, The Lucado Life Lessons Study Bible is worth considering. Long-time Lucado fans will recognize the work as an updated version of The Inspirational Study Bible published in 1995. The format for the Life Lessons is the same, along with some of the opening articles, and several of the devotionals, but this version also includes passages from Lucado’s newer works and many new Bible study features.

The Bible itself is the New King James Version written in contemporary language with an effort to preserve the beauty and poetry of the original KJV. It’s not as hard to understand as the original, but it does require a little more work on the reader’s part than the NIV, NLT, or other more recent translations. It’s a worthwhile trade-off for those who appreciate the language of the KJV, but long for easier understanding.

Placed near the relevant passages are excerpts from Lucado’s books written in devotional and Bible study forms. There are also full page studies, Bible reading plans, indexes, and introductions to each book. I appreciated the new Christ Through the Bible feature—a series of short articles highlighting the thread of God’s plan for our salvation revealed throughout the Bible, uniting what appear to be separate parts as a unified whole.

There are also several features designed to help new believers get started studying their Bibles, absorbing foundational truths. In fact, there are 30 studies for New Believers, a 30-Day Overview to the New Testament, and a “Where to Turn When” index in the back of the book.

But there are plenty of devotional and study aids for long-time believers, too. If you like the NKJV, appreciate Lucado’s insights, and love new Bible study helps, this may be a great resource for you.

Thank you, Thomas Nelson Publishers, for sending this Bible for me to enjoy, study, pray through, and review.

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