Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Book Review: Nightingale

Historical fiction is my favorite kind—especially when the story covers an aspect of history that I don’t know much about. That’s what Nightingale does. The historical part of the story focuses on the unique and sticky struggles faced by Germans living in America during World War II. Imagine the issues that would have come up with German POW’s living in camps in America surrounded by some of their own relatives and friends who’d migrated and were living as free Americans, yet whose loyalties would have been a concern. This element of the story reminded me of the book made movie, “Summer of My German Soldier.”

Yet history is only the background for this story that really is about God’s love, forgiveness, and grace. Characters who have lost themselves in the sins of their past are found again in Christ. They learn that they don’t have to stay prisoners of their mistakes. They can’t live lives that will make them respectable in spite of their wrong choices. But they can turn to God Who will gladly set them free and enable them to live His way.

I enjoyed and recommend this book—an intense and interesting story with a beautiful Christian message and lessons in history. If those are book elements you appreciate, you’ll like reading Nightingale, too.

I gladly thank the Litfuse Publicity Group for sending this book for my review.

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  1. oooh! I definitely have this on my list now : )