Monday, October 4, 2010

Book Review: The Treasure of God's Word

I was surprised to learn, recently, that the King James Version of the Bible is turning 400 next year. Normally, 400 would sound pretty old. But when we’re talking about the Bible, it doesn’t so much. The Treasure of God’s Word is available to help interested readers celebrate this event.

The Treasure of God’s Word is an attractive gift book with an embossed cover and gilt edging on the pages. Inside, you’ll find a presentation page, introduction, nine articles about the history of the King James Version, and a sampling of Bible verses arranged topically. The articles tell about the KJV’s origin, its influence on literature, politics, and science, its revisions and some versions that came from it. They are short and interesting. Two, however, according to the copyright page, were adapted from Wikipedia articles. Since this site isn’t considered a valid source for my son’s high school research papers, this kind of concerns me.

The articles were interesting, though. I was fascinated to learn that scholars of the day were having trouble deciding which of several English versions were most reliable. King James decided to settle the issue by authorizing one to be used by everyone. Considering how many versions we have to choose from right now, sometimes I wonder if we might appreciate a visit from King James today. But no, each reliable translation gives us new insights into God’s amazing Word helping us to understand the original languages that relatively few can read.

Thank you, Thomas Nelson Publishers, for sending this book for my review.

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