Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Book Review: The Grace of God

The Grace of God is the first Andy Stanley book I’ve had the opportunity to read—and I truly appreciated his points of view. In this book, Stanley gives us a panoramic view of God’s grace from Adam and Eve to David to the early church to today. He first defines this amazing grace—something no human being will ever deserve. (If you deserve it, it’s not grace.) Then he shows it at work throughout the Bible.

My favorite chapters were the two—yes, two!—on the Ten Commandments and the one about Nicodemus. The historical and cultural information he provided about the new Israelite nation and its place in the world at that time led to helpful insights and showed the Commandments in a new and even more meaningful light. Likewise, the information Stanley provided about Nicodemus revealed his role in Christ’s ministry, giving me new appreciation for his story and leaving me once again in awe of the way our God works, using ordinary and even unsuspecting people to further His plans. Stanley definitely has a gift for helping his readers understand the Bible from a historical and cultural view—a view which always results in revealing more of its relevance to students of God’s Word today.

He also has a gift for making it easy to understand. He tells the stories, working lessons in clearly as he goes. His words draw the reader in, and then he makes his point. If you want to see God’s grace at work throughout the Bible to see it even more clearly today, I recommend this book to you.BlogSign

Thank you, Thomas Nelson Publishers, for sending this book for my review.

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