Friday, September 10, 2010

Book Review: Your Money God's Way

I was curious, but skeptical, when I chose this book for review. Much money advice for Christians isn’t based on Bible truths at all. Sometimes those who offer it mean well, but make assumptions about the Bible without really studying it. Other times, they are trying to guilt, manipulate, and/or finagle well-meaning Christians out of their money. Because we trust God and want to further His Kingdom by giving, sometimes we turn ourselves into rather easy marks.

But that’s the point of this particular book! Amie Streater devotes the whole first chapter of Your Money God’s Way: Overcoming the 7 Money Myths That Keep Christians Broke to showing how the Bible is often misused to confuse Christians and how it should be used regularly to help Christians understand good stewardship so they can honor God with their money, then use what He gives to avoid debt, cover their own needs, give to others, and save for the future. Streater then goes on to reveal common money myths (or counterfeit convictions) which she counteracts with solid, in-context, biblical truth. It’s a wise and practical book. I plan to read it again!

Woven throughout the book are true stories of Christians who’ve made wise decisions or overcome poor ones. Streater shares her own story of debt and near financial ruin and changes she prayerfully made to turn her situation around. At the end of each chapter, Streater includes a prayer for wisdom, a summary of chapter points, and a list of solution steps readers can follow if the situation applies to their lives.

Streater writes with grace, not condemnation, but her message is powerful. Readers will know that she truly cares and wants to help them do the best they can with whatever God graciously provides.

Thank you, Thomas Nelson Publishers, for sending this book for my review.

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  1. Janet- Thank you for the review. I'm so glad you liked Your Money God's Way. I love that God can bless us through our biggest difficulties!
    Blessings on your journey-
    Amie Streater