Thursday, September 30, 2010

Book Review: Pursuit of Justice

Pursuit of Justice is the story of an FBI agent who is a) pursuing a serial killer who has been stalking her and b) solving the mystery and tragedies of the legendary Spider Rock treasure. I loved the ending.

After the story, the author, DiAnn Mills has included a note telling readers a little about her research process. It sounds to me like she had fun writing this story.

And it is a good story. It’s a combination suspense-romance. Bella, the FBI agent, and those she’s working to protect are always in a bit of danger. As she gets to know the people around her, Bella learns about forgiveness and love and trust. She overcomes the betrayals of her past, moving into a happier future.

As I was reading, I did wish for stronger character development and more of a sense of the danger the characters were in. I think because of the suspense-romance combination, the short time period for the story, and several characters moving quickly in and out of the picture, some of the things the author revealed to or told the reader didn’t feel real—they were hard to accept. I can’t say much more about that without giving too much of the story away. Even so, it was a good story, and I did love the ending.

One other note, and this is not the author’s fault, but Mills described Bella throughout the book as being auburn haired with green eyes. She mentions this several times. But the cover doesn’t match this description. I think the artist should have read the book. The cover became a distraction to me. That's not really fair to Mills.

If you enjoy light suspense/romance with a touch of mystery and Christian insight, Pursuit of Justice fits that category well. Thank you, Tyndale House Publishers, for sending me a copy for review.

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  1. sounds like a book i definitely would love to read!!