Friday, September 10, 2010

Book Review: Out Live Your Life

Wow! Out Live Your Life by Max Lucado is one of his best books ever. Of course, I say that about all of his books; I was thrilled when Thomas Nelson offered this one for review.

Out Live Your Life is a series of messages taken from the book of Acts. Lucado offers basic, yet profound, lessons in Christian living based on the experiences of the early church. These 16 lessons are followed, as always in Lucado books, by a discussion and action guide, this one prepared by David Drury. This guide helps readers further explore the ideas in the book and effectively apply them to their lives.

Something else in this book that I really appreciated was a short passage of Scripture and a life application prayer at the end of each chapter. This one page addition to each chapter concisely summarizes the point and helps to drive it into the reader’s heart. If ever I want a quick refresher course, I can read these pages to remind myself of what I learned as I ask God to make it more real in my life.

I highly recommend this book to new Christians exploring what this life is all about, to seekers looking for the Truth of Christianity (as opposed to some of the confusing ideas floating around today), and to established Christians looking for a deeper understanding of service to Christ and their role in His Kingdom.

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