Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Book Review: Good Morning, Lord

I am so thankful to Thomas Nelson Publishers for sending Good Morning, Lord for my review. This is just the kind of book I love! It’s a keeper I’ll probably reread several times.

Good Morning, Lord is a daily devotional written by Sheila Walsh to help us say, you guessed it, “Good Morning, Lord!” as we begin each day—whenever we happen to begin our day. (You’ll find no guilt or pressure here.) Each devotional begins with a proclamation—and the first one went right along with the theme of my blog: “Today I will look for evidence that you are in everything I encounter.” How fun is that?! It made me happy.

Following that statement is a short devotional, then two thought-provoking questions with space for journaling. After that we find a short prayer and a Bible verse taken from the New King James Version. The devotionals aren’t numbered, but there look to be about 108.

I especially like the look and feel of the book. It’s an attractively designed and embossed hardcover, with the shape and feel of a nice journal. I’d highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a nice gift for a friend and to anyone looking for a simple way to encourage a new or fresh devotional habit.

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