Monday, April 5, 2010

Book Review: Everyone Communicates--Few Connect

If you are looking for a book about improving your communication skills, Everyone Communicates--Few Connect may be a good choice for you. Think of it as a basic text—Communication 101, perhaps. On its pages, leadership expert John Maxwell clearly outlines how to communicate effectively in order to truly connect with the people around you whether one-on-one, in a small group, or before an audience.

The book is divided into two sections of five chapters each. Connecting Principles tells the reader five important things to know about connecting with others. Connecting Practices gives practical advice for communicating more effectively. Each chapter ends with specific ideas for applying the information in the three settings mentioned above.

I really appreciated the simplicity of the book. Maxwell really does have a gift for communicating effectively. The book is presented in such clear outline form that, having read it, I can now go back to review key points as needed. Well-chosen words will quickly bring illustrations and explanations back to mind.

Not everything in the book rang true to me, but most of its pages delivered solid, practical advice. Parts of the book reviewed information available in most books on this subject, but I also found new ideas to try. If this is your goal, you may be pleased with this book.

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