Monday, February 22, 2010

Book Review: Yesterday's Promise

I struggled to get into this book. The heroine lost consciousness in the first chapter—and didn't regain it for quite some time. Other characters were introduced, then disappeared, then returned—I wasn't sure what the storyline was or whom I should cheer for as the book progressed. Was the book a murder mystery, a romance, an adventure? I was completely lost and tempted to give up entirely when it finally all came clear on page 108.

Suddenly, I had a hero with a noble cause to follow and the book was worth my time. Would he fulfill his quest—or learn a better lesson along the way? The heroine was still unconscious, but I was certain she'd wake up before her knight-in-shining-armor completed his mission, conquered evil, and gladly returned to her side.

To be fair, if I'd read the first book in the series, I might have understood more quickly what was really going on. But though the characters are the same and the storylines are related, I think each book was meant to be mostly self-contained. This book also leads to another, but one adventure ends as our heroic couple plans for the next to begin.

Part of the book is set in England and part in South Africa in the late 1800's. Dialogue reads like a BBC period film. Fans of Jane Austen or with an interest in the events of this historical time may really enjoy this book series.

Thank you Waterbrook Multnomah Publishing for sending this book for me to review.

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