Thursday, January 14, 2010

Book Review: The Gospel According to LOST

When my husband and I were browsing through a local bookstore a few weeks ago, we stumbled across a whole series of books devoted to the religious ideas of popular sci-fi/fantasy movies and TV shows. Star Trek, Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica—even Spiderman! We laughed and laughed. We didn't buy any of those books, but then Thomas Nelson offered this one for review. I was just too curious.

And it was a fun read.

It isn't really the Gospel according to LOST—it's the Gospel for the lost. At the end of Chapter 3, author Chris Seay says, “But the Lost narrative is uniquely intertwined with the Judeo-Christian story, and the beauty of Christianity is found in its unyielding proclamation that no one is beyond redemption—not even a torturer, murderer, or con man.” If Seay could visit the Losties, as he calls them, he'd tell them they don't have to stay lost.

Through the lives of the characters, Seay discusses several of the philosophical ideas the program explores every week. He also shows how our culture wrestles with these same concepts regularly. Then he points us to some of the biblical answers to LOST's and society's life questions. Sometimes he's very profound.

I would caution the reader not to take it too seriously, though. I wasn't comfortable with Seay's comparisons of some of the characters to Christ. The people on the island are lost and in need of a Savior; I don't think any of them are that savior. And without a conclusion to the series, Seay is speculating just like other viewers. He's just done a lot of speculating and has written his theories into a book.

But Seay is right about the show itself. It makes the viewer think about life's deep issues. Seay helps his readers to think more deeply and to consider what God's Word has to say about each topic that comes up. Fans of the show will enjoy this quick, yet thought-provoking read. Even if they disagree with Seay, the resulting wrestle of thoughts will appeal to them for the same reason they like the show. The discussion goes on as Seay adds his voice.

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  1. While visiting S.S. I happen to see your book review. You did a good job writing this. I had never heard of this book. Thank you for posting this review.