Monday, October 12, 2009

Book Review: Green

I can’t say Green was a pleasant read—but it was worth my time. I think. (The non-ending still has me perplexed.)

Green is a story of fallen mankind, and God’s plan to restore, and Satan’s plan to destroy. It’s an allegory of the biggest spiritual battle of all time. And what’s spiritual, or unseen in the real world, becomes literal and seen in the world of the Circle. So it’s not pretty. In fact, it’s mostly dark and horrific and frightening and highly disturbing. You may have nightmares. Be warned.

But the story also includes the Great Romance—God’s love for His children, their love for Him, and the hope and help He provides to those who remain faithful to the end. One scene was so beautiful, it brought tears to my eyes. That scene made the book worth my time. I think.

Green is an unusual book. Book Zero of the Circle series, you can read it first or last and it will still make sense—to a point. It’s also the sequel, of sorts, to Showdown and is related to the Lost Books series, too.

If you’ve never read a Ted Dekker novel before, I’d recommend starting with something tamer, yet equally enthralling, like Blink. If you’re eager to start the Circle series, I’d recommend starting with Green. Though Dekker has written it to work like a circle, the loop didn’t, to me, completely work—it did loop, but it didn’t seem faithful to the subject of the allegory. I’m not sure what Dekker was trying to communicate with that. If you start with Green, however, White will leave you as a reader, in the end, in a happier and more satisfying place.

And if you want the allegory without the violent, horror extreme, you can still just read Black, Red, and White without Green. It’s not essential to the storyline—just a thought-provoking extra if you care to give it a try.

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