Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Book Review: Fearless

Imagine your life without fear—that’s hard to do. Yet Max Lucado has made a list of many of the things we fear daily and, in this book, shows us how to turn that life-stunting fear into a healthy trust in God. He also teaches us why we should and why God is worthy of that trust—in all situations.

As always, Lucado uses catchy titles, relevant stories, and poignant illustrations to clearly make his point, to bring God’s message to life. My favorite was the story of the lawyer warning the newborn of the all the negative things that might result from being born in order to avoid being sued. Now that was clever, and he made his point. But I won’t give it away—you’ll have to read the book.

Fearless includes a discussion guide for deeper study. My copy also came with a small booklet, a synopsis of the book, that I can give away to encourage a friend facing fear.

If you’re a fan of Max Lucado’s books, Fearless will not disappoint you. If he’s new to you, Fearless will encourage you. It will also make you smile. A quick read, relevant to the concerns of our day, Fearless is a book I recommend.

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