Monday, July 27, 2009

Book Review: What's He Really Thinking?

By listening to men talk about their lives, wives, families, issues, and concerns through her many years as a therapist, Paula Rinehart has come to understand men. Better than that, she’s figured out how to explain them to the rest of us! (She even knows why boys stick things up their noses. I’d always wondered about that!)

I found this book to be respectful, entertaining, and insightful. I appreciated Rinehart’s easy-to-understand explanations and relevant illustrations. She explains how men and women think and act differently and how a greater understanding of this leads to a greater understanding of each other. (She even slips in a few clues to help women understand themselves!)

It’s not just about husbands and wives either. It’s about mothers and sons, fathers and daughters, brothers and sisters, and even in-laws. If there’s a man in your life, this book will be helpful to you.

Following the text, Rinehart provides suggested Scripture to pray, an in-depth study guide, and a list of questions whose answers will give you a better understanding of your particular man.

And be sure to read the footnotes—They don’t just quote sources. Rinehart writes personal and relevant notes of interest in them that relate to the text, though they aren’t really part of it.

I enjoyed this book, a quick and interesting read—I scribbled notes all over it, so I’m sure it’s one I will look back over again. I’m happy to recommend it to all Christian women who love and care about their men.


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