Monday, April 27, 2009

Book Review: The Noticer

I think you could say this book is a combination novel, self-help, motivational read. It’s a fictional story about a homeless man who is helped by a mysterious stranger who claims to be a noticer. His wisdom comes from noticing what others tend to miss. The homeless man’s life is forever changed for the better, and the noticer disappears.

Years later, he returns, however, to share his wisdom with those who need it throughout the town. His insights are profound—that’s where the self-help, motivational part of the book lies. Yet the story is intriguing. The Noticer is a happy story.

I did have two concerns about the book, though. First, some of the Noticer’s wisdom comes from other books. It’s adapted just a bit to make it somewhat unique to this book, and I liked what the Noticer added to these popular concepts—he did make them even easier to understand. Yet I still felt the other authors deserved credit for their ideas.

Also, in two scenarios, the Noticer’s wisdom leads to great points, yet doesn’t really follow a logical path from point A to point B. The Noticer says if this is true, then this is true, then this is true, then this must be true, but if one thinks about it, if the first is true, the second isn’t necessarily true, although the end point is nice and in some cases may be true anyway. I won’t give specific examples and give away elements of the story. Just think carefully when you recognize this formula in the book.

In spite of these two concerns, I enjoyed the book and considered it worth my time. The Noticer is a quick, thought-provoking, inspirational read.

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