Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Book Review: His Name Is Jesus

A beautiful hardcover book with a matching, protective slipcase, His Name Is Jesus by Max Lucado would make an ideal gift for someone not yet acquainted with his work. I am certain it would also be appreciated by someone who enjoys reading Lucado’s books, but hasn’t collected them all over time. This gift book provides a nice sampling of some of Lucado’s most profound thoughts on Jesus’ life.

His Name Is Jesus is a compilation of selections from Max Lucado’s many devotional books. Portions have been taken from the devotionals about Jesus and arranged chronologically to tell Jesus’ story through Lucado’s insightful eyes. The book is divided into six chapters: the preface, Jesus’ birth, mission, death, resurrection, and legacy. The artwork and photography greatly enhance each story and highlighted thought.

Although the preface is all that seems to be unique to this book as far as words are concerned, the arrangement, photography, and design offer a whole new, collectible work. I especially enjoyed being able to read it at Easter time. The book was a valuable tool to help guide my reflections surrounding that precious holiday and Jesus’ sacrifice for you and for me. As an introductory gift or keepsake for someone who doesn’t collect, I’d recommend this book.

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