Thursday, April 30, 2009

Book Review: Face of Betrayal

Face of Betrayal is the story of three women whose jobs bring them together so that a strong friendship is born. One is a federal prosecutor, one a reporter, the third an FBI special agent. They find their paths crossing as each plays her unique role in fighting crime; they call themselves, “The Triple Threat Club.”

In Face of Betrayal, a teenage girl is missing, a senate page. Entries on the girl’s MySpace page lead Allison (the prosecutor) and Nic (the FBI agent) to suspect murder or suicide, rather than kidnapping. Because the girl is a senate page from an influential family, the case quickly becomes big news, keeping Cassidy (the reporter) busy.

At the same time, Allison’s life is threatened and Cassidy becomes involved in a complicated relationship. These story elements, along with hints about Nic’s mysterious past add drama to the book while letting us get to know the main characters.

I enjoyed reading Face of Betrayal, though it was a little bit graphic for my tastes. If you are a fan of crime dramas, you’ll like this book.

Following the story, there is a thought-provoking discussion guide—very well-done. There is also an interview with Lis Wiehl by Bill O’Reilly where we learn how her career experiences helped her to create “The Triple Threat Club” and where she promises a sequel to come soon.

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