Thursday, January 29, 2009

Book Review: What's Age Got to Do with It?

Robin McGraw was the perfect person to write this book. She enjoys doing research and is passionate about maintaining good health. As she has protected her own, she wants to help other women keep or improve theirs. As a result, the book is full of valuable information.

When I first began reading it, however, I felt a little overwhelmed. Robin shares what she has researched, what she does, and suggestions from the many experts who advise her. As I said, the book is full of information. As a result, if I tried to do everything Robin suggests, I think I’d run out of time, money, and energy in the attempt.

But this isn’t what Robin tells us to do. She reminds the reader several times that she is sharing what she has learned and what works for her. It’s the reader’s responsibility to use the information wisely to meet her unique health needs. In other words, I can choose one or two ideas to try from the categories that concern me to discover on my own what works for me. Robin’s book arms me with the information I need to do this well. Her research gives me a place to start. In some cases, her trial and error experiences may even save me some grief.

I appreciated, too, that it’s not a book about how to look young forever. Robin mentions that, as a mother of adult children of whom she’s proud, she wants to look like their mom, not their sister. But she also wants to look healthy for her age and to be confident about her appearance. If you’re looking for information on caring for your health and appearance at any age, this book may be useful to you.

Robin closes with a beautiful account of her personal, salvation story. Then she reminds us once again why she wrote the book. She wants to help women all over to live long and healthy lives, to be there for their children and grandchildren, and to enjoy watching them grow up, too.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Book Review: Rex

I was so thankful for the opportunity to read this book! It’s the story of God’s miraculous work in the lives of two incredible people: a multiply-disabled, musical savant and his lovingly dedicated mother.

The book starts out sad as Cathleen Lewis learns about one after another of her son’s disabilities and receives little, if any, encouragement or hope for his future. But when Cathleen begins to research these problems for herself, the book becomes quite fascinating. In fact, it demonstrates vividly just how “fearfully and wonderfully made” each of us actually is—the human brain is so complex! If the smallest thing is off, it can create big problems that baffle the world’s greatest minds and challenge the individual in huge ways!

Cathleen shares how her almost hopeless struggle to help Rex led her to God and how she relied on Him to guide her as Rex tackled each new developmental challenge. She also explains how God used music to help Rex overcome many of these challenges and also to find his joyful place in this world. To find such profound musical genius in one who struggles so with everything else is a wondrous, awe-inspiring thing. It is a truly happy and triumphant story of hope, God’s work, miracles, and grace.