Friday, November 28, 2008

Book Review: Through the Storm

Talk about learning to be content:

My heart has gone out to this mother for some time. I had heard that she’s a Christian and suspected that things hadn’t gone the way she’d hoped for her daughters. The media has been much too harsh with this family. When I learned of this book, I decided that if Lynne Spears wanted to have her say, I was willing to listen—with a compassionate, fellow mother’s heart.

This isn’t a story about Britney or Jamie Lynn. It’s Lynne’s story, including a testimony to God’s love and providence. It’s presented matter-of-factly: "This happened and this happened and this is what I was thinking or feeling at the time." Lynne’s words are carefully thought out and presented with the love she obviously feels toward her family.

The book makes you think. Life is messy. We make choices to the best of our ability. But we can’t see very far down the road or even around the corner. We also have to live with the consequences of other people’s choices, wise or not, and with other inevitable trials of life: illness, accidents, death. Through it all, whatever happens, our fault or not, God is there. He carries us “through the storm.” He helps us clean up the mess.

I especially appreciated the final chapter, “A Mother’s Heart.” What a loving testimony from a mother who is praying for her children, cheering them on, and growing ever closer to her Lord as she trusts Him with them through the craziness of each day. The epilogue, a tribute to Lynne’s sister, is incredibly moving, too.

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